Reality and the Bridge

Happy Medium has been Passenier’s interdisciplinairy improvisation research project, funded by the New Makers Allowance from the Performing Art Fund NL. In this research Passenier set out to bring disciplines close together in improvisation, whilst having to communicate through different languages.

“Can a dancer, a light artist and musicians be as tight and communicative as a bass player and a drummer can be?” 

This means, studying each others language, learning about the obstacles, and finding ways around them! This research has now led into the development of Reality and the Bridge.

Aiming to be next year’s Fluid Orchestra project, Reality and the Bridge deals with questioning reality – what’s ‘real’, what is ‘it’, and ‘why?’ – and dives into the depth of the subconciousness, where concepts like ‘nonlocality’ and ‘nontemporality’ become the norm.

Ever heard of Project Stargate? Ever since 1995 drops of information have been coming out about this now partially declasified US Military project, where “controlled remote viewing” was researched. What’s remote viewing? Seeing or experiencing something without needing to be there. Strikingly, people can get trainings now by Lyn Buchanan, an ex-remote viewer from this project, who dares to state that they were highly effective at it. In his all too military manners he speaks of techniques to enter the subconciousness, “Don’t try this at home”, he says suggestively. Using the connection between body and subconciousness one “arrives”, and then everything changes. Movement is ‘nonlocal’ – space is only a matter of intention and visualisation – and nontemporal – time is no longer linear, you can enter the past, present and future – straight to your target…

For many a bridge too far, but for Passenier a bridge to compose about, because these implications drive him to deeply question our reality, its borders, and beyond.

Starring flutist Raymond Honing, dancer Kenzo Kusuda, light artist Wijnand van der Horst, and Jesse Passenier on the piano, the group sets out to explore these topics with an emphasis on improvisation.


Happy Medium 

Kenzo Kusuda – dance
Raymond Honing – flutes
Jesse Passenier – piano and vibes
Wijnand van der Horst – light art


Sat, Dec 16, 20:30 | Lutherse Kerk 
Doors open: 20:00 
Please note: doors will remain closed during the concert 

In advance:
Dinner from 18:00 – 20:30

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