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María Domínguez

Avant-garde pianist María Domínguez performs a recital full of roving, compelling compositions by modern-day composers, blending the traditional piano with whims of digital effects. This program will showcase works for piano and electronics written post-2000. The programme includes composers as Steve Reich, Gérard Pesson, Benjamin Van Esser, Christopher Cerrone, and Pierre Jodlowski.

The event promises to represent the works of these great writers of our time as interpreted by María Domínguez Pérez; a peek into the contemporary role of the pianist and the reinvention of what constitutes a musical work of art.

Having an active career as a soloist, the versatile and imaginative pianist likes to explore. She already collaborated with various ensembles, orchestras, and artists from fields such as theatre, dance and visual arts. As an artist she displays great personality and creativity, always in pursuit to unite progressiveness and tradition like an imaginative journey between two distant shores. Her lively spirit and irrepressible energy continues to drive her toward new projects and artistic adventures that explore the intersection of old and new. She is constantly searching for common roots and investigates how dialogues with the audience and between disciplines are established.

Her musical life is largely marked by many guest performances in Europe and worldwide. Maria went on tour with BKM Symphony Orchestra and with the National Youth Orchestra of Netherlands (NJO), performing at the Concertgebouw, Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Konzerthaus, Berlín (Germany), Theatre Alto Adige, Festival Toblach (Italy), Theater Orpheus Apeldoorn (The Netherlands), to name a few.

She is an active musician in classical, contemporary and music-theatre scene, as well as the author of individual works and projects. She was artist-in-residence at the theatre Bordenhal of Maastricht, where she collaborated in an interdisciplinary project. But above all, María feels a strong contact with new contemporary music, driving her to work with composers directly. She studio recorded pieces from contemporary composers such as Gubaidulina, Heinz Holliger, Jasper Vanpaemel and Einojuhani Rautaavara.

María has also been heard as a soloist and chamber musician at the Images Sonores Festival (Brussels, Belgium), A Contemporánea (Spain), Winternights Festival, Limburg Festival, Musica Sacra Festival. Her playing has been broadcast on Radio 4 and ‘Música Viva’ of Radio Clásica (RNE). She has been awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Culture and Education, Via Zuid Talentmakelaar, Stichting Cultural Entrepreneurchip of Maastricht, Foundation of Conservatorium of Maastricht, Art Buro Limburg, and Peter de Grote Festival.

In 2017 she concluded the Master program at Maastricht Conservatory cum laude. For two yearas, she specialized in “Contemporary Music through non Western techniques” at Conservatorium of Amsterdam, and currently, she is studying an Advanced Master in Contemporary Music with Ictus Ensemble and Spectra in Brussels, Belgium.


Sat, Dec 15, 16:30 | Lutherse Kerk
Doors open: 16:00
Please note: doors will remain closed during the concert

In advance:
Lunch from 13:30 – 16:30

Dinner from 18:00 – 20:30

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