How Flora and Fauna Became Friends

Reinier Baas | Jesse Passenier | Codarts Big Band

Composer Jesse Passenier (1985) – recent winner of the Rogier van Otterloo Award – ventures into a collaboration with double Edison Award winner Reinier Baas (1985). Featuring eight brand new compositions by Passenier, this project dives deep into the arts and skills of the challenging guest and guitar hero. The first indicator of what may be expected lies in the title ‘the uncrowned king of contemporary jazz’, which was attributed to Baas by Jazzism. The second clue we find in the fluid crossovers of Passenier, known for his skillful arranging for the Metropole Orchestra. It is therefore no coincidence that these two gentlemen met each other at this orchestra, where which sowed the seeds of this plan. And indeed with a very suitable partner in crime: the Codarts Big Band.

Get ready to be submerged in a realm with ungraspable and mythical creatures, abundant heavenly gardens and magical mysteries. Anxious fleeing, affectionate encounters, you will find it all in How Flora and Fauna Became Friends.

Passenier based the compositions on children’s drawings that were made during a workshop at Cultura Nova Festival 2017. It opened with the question: “How did Flora and Fauna become friends?” The music of that day introduced a little flower creature and the faune, and then the kids took over – they drew drawing after drawing, introducing more and more new story lines. Every day Passenier added new music, basing on the drawings of the passed day, and this was how in eight intense but cheerful workshop days, this fantastical story emerged!

Codarts Big Band
Saxophones: Paul van de Calseijde, Cosimo Gentili, Chris Brown, Robin Rebetez, &
Albert Kerekeš, Bass Clarinet/Clarinet: Ken Kunita, Trumpets: Antoine Colin, Daniel Clason, Nicoló Bottasso & Felix Brassel, Trombones: Bruno Valle, Janez Hrastovšek, Ivan M. Melin & Nir Fishkin, Piano: Daeyeon Shin, Bass: Dean Montanaro, Drums: Jens Meijer

Electric Guitar: Reinier Baas (soloist)
Band Leader: Jesse Passenier (composer)


Fri, Dec 14, 20:00 | Muziekgieterij
Doors open: 19:30
Please note: doors will remain closed during the concert

In advance:
Dinner from 18:00 – 20:00

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